TV Appearances: 

Thanksgiving Decor Tips  | Better Connecticut Channel 3 | November 13, 2015

Holiday Centerpiece DIY | Better Connecticut Channel 3 | December 14, 2015

Crafty Lighting DIY | Better Connecticut Channel 3 | February 9, 2016


Heather Grahling's Vivid Hues | Home Living Hartford | February 2014

Vivid Hue Gift Boutique Open | Farmington Press | April 2015

Vivid Hue Home | New England Home Magazine | Spring 2015 page 132

What Makes a Great Family Room | Hartford Courant |  May 26, 2015

DesignHER by Julianne Taylor Published 2016

The Oregonian Color Monday Blue Hues June 10, 2013

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Sweet Caroline said...

I love the white lamps with the greek key gold base and finial. Do you accept orders from other states and ship??? If so, could you please provide the measurements of the lamps? If not...could you maybe provide how I could find them locally or the manufacturer? I live in North Carolina. Thanks so much and wish you continued success with your store and blog.

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