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Vivid Hue Home was started as a popular design blog in 2012 by Heather Grahling, who believed that everyone could use a dose of color in their lives.  Heather loves to mix patters and colors in decorating.  The blog ended up being a platform for the launch of it's brick and mortar destination, located in the historical village of Farmington, Connecticut.  

The Vivid Hue Home gift boutique opened in the Spring 2015.  It offers stylish "must haves" for the home.  It is the perfect destination for hostess gifts, greeting cards, dorm room decor, small home furnishings, pillows, art, tabletop accessories and other gifts.  We feature a few brands of furniture and accessories that have rarely been offered in Connecticut.  

About Heather of Vivid Hue Home:

I'm totally fascinated by design and decor and have always dreamed of opening my own shop (a dream that I decided to follow through on in 2015).  
I love design and I love to mix pattern with colors.  The more mix of patterns, the better in my opinion (as long as it's done tastefully).

I am always on the hunt for what I call "character" pieces.  These are items that can be added to a room and will make a statement.  It's usually something people who see the room for the first time will notice right off the bat and make remarks about. 
I love mixing a few quality items with more reasonable finds.  I love pulling this off.  To me, it's like pairing a classic Chanel clutch with a Target Missoni A-line skirt. 
Blogging about design has been a great avenue to satisfy my appetite for design and decorating!  My love for decor is insatiable and I am constantly thinking of ways to remodel or redecorate a room. 
I ravage my mail for my latest decorating magazines and can sit for hours leafing through pages of magazines getting inspired. 

I was born in the arm pit of Texas. I won't admit where because those of you that live there will get offended and act as if you don't know it's the armpit.
I moved to Germany when I was 3 weeks old. Ah the life of an army brat. My parents say that they moved 18 times in 15 years...or was it 15 times in 18 months. Oh whatever. You get the point. We moved around a lot when I was little.
My dad is a retired Army Colonel who made a career out of the military.  I respect that. 
My mom is a Southern Belle who married her first love.

My sister is on the same wave length as I am... sort of like the phenomenon where one person burns their hand on the stove from across the country and the other person suddenly feels a twinge of pain in their wrist and says "ouch" for no apparent reason. Yeah. We have that sort of chemistry.

I'm going to call her Kurby in my posts, but her real name is Brett. Like a boy. That's how we always described it growing up so that people wouldn't call her Brit. Only, she looks nothing like a boy at all.

In fact, someone at her work told her she looked like a Ralph Lauren model today.

Her reply, "Thanks, I even rode my horse today."

That sums up Kurby. A debonair beauty with smart ass wit. She's my partner in crime and my design soul mate. Look for her guest posts in the future. Look for our eventual business collaboration in the future future. We'll make it happen one day.  
My first car was a Chevrolet Chevette with a huge Sandpiper bird on the side.  I’m convinced this inspired my use of birds in decorating.

I was supposed to marry Ricky Schroeder, but married my soul mate instead.

We have two little Jedi's:

Every year, for mother’s day weekend, I take a girlfriends' trip to Vegas for the Bon Appetite Uncorked Food and Wine Festival. 

We laugh hysterically, act younger than we really are, and recharge our “mom batteries.” (that’s me, the one crossing my eyes on far left).   That's Wheeza in the middle.  And Fitch on the right.

My idea of luxury is laying in freshly cut grass and looking at the clouds in the blue sky with big sunglasses on. I'm a beachy-warm person, not a snowy-ski slope kind of girl. 

Before I opened the shop, my day job is working with my husband at our medical practice as our practice manager.  Sometimes, I would work on this blog during work.  If I got *caught* I would just say I was on my lunch breakEven at 10 am

Here's more about my family.

Need to get in touch with Vivid Hue Home?

Go to our facebook page and email via there or contact Heather here (hgrahling@gmail.com)
Guest Contributor, My Sister Kurby 


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you're finally doing this. This is what you were destined to do. Good job H

Anonymous said...

This is such a sweet post. I love the trip down memory lane and the sweet connections to Brett. I can definitely see this dream come true one day for both of you.

Sarah said...

You rock!

kellymudry said...

about your motto, being tagged as 'unknown', let me tell you the source. Back in the 1970s, the FLQ crisis erupted in Quebec, with the FLQ kidnapping the British consul and a provincial cabinet minister. The Canadian Prime Minister at the time, Pierre Elliot Trudeau said he'd was going to bring in the army and impose the War Measures Act, essentially martial law. Critics said 'you can't do that.' He replied, 'Just watch me."

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