Friday, January 3, 2014

House Tour: Guest Bedroom

Back in November, I participated in the One Room Challenge as a linking participant.  For those of you that may have missed this event, this is a 6 week challenge that was created by Linda from Calling It Home .  Designers pick one room to transform within a six week period, each week revealing a bit more progress towards the final reveal. 

I posted my original final reveal photos here but I was never thrilled with the photographs because I ran right down to the final night before the reveal and ended up taking my shots at night. 

Finally, I have had a chance to photograph my guest bedroom in the daylight.

The guest room is Palm Beach Regency meets Bohemian Chic. 

This is also the room where my five year old, Vivi, sleeps so I incorporated elements of her style into the room.  I even included artwork by her and a few bohemian-style photos of her at the soccer field. 

The paint is HGTV Sherwin William's Loyal Blue and I was inspired by Emily Henderson (she painted her at home office in the same color).  I fell in love with this sailboat painting during our annual summer trip to Kennebunkport

The turquoise stripes on the ceiling were an evolution.  I'd originally intended to wallpaper the entire ceiling in a solid turquoise with Temp Paper temporary wallpaper.  However, this particular style was a bit thin and difficult to work with in large sheets (on the ceiling).  So, the idea morphed into stripes on the ceiling. 

The Turquoise Urchin Chandelier is by Stimulight and caused quite a stir during the challenge.  I was obsessed with it the moment I saw it and it was even more impressive hanging!

Herons and cranes are a theme in my bedrooms!  I love their elegance. 

The drapes are from Target with a fuchsia pom pom trim added for extra pop. 

I'm a Home Goods fanatic and many of the Vivid Hue accessories are from there.  This fuchsia chair was a major score from Home Goods along with the lips pillow.  The Ascher throw is from one of my favorite d├ęcor accessory shops in Kennebunkport called Spaces



This is the bathroom off of the guest bedroom.  I plan to tackle this redesign next (shhhh, don't tell my husband).  But, I want the styles to flow from one room to the next so that the bathroom is a logical extension of the guest bedroom.  Maybe I'll tackle this for the next One Room Challenge in April 2014. 





Just a reminder of where this room started:



Here is a reference to the original weekly posts.
Vivid Hue Home's One Room Challenge Weekly Progress Posts:
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Turquoise Nightstands: Parker Kennedy Living | Nail head Headboard: Ballard Designs | Brass Lamps: Home Goods |  Vintage Sailboat Painting: Antiques on Nine in Kennebunkport |  Brass Crane: Blaze and Bloom | Bed Linens: Serena & Lily | Ikat Pillow, Navy Pillow, Green & Linen Pillow: Home Goods | Bolster Pillow: Custom from Calico | Fuchsia and Orange Velvet Pillow: Blaze and Bloom, CT | Vintage Green and Turquoise Bedspread: Antiques on Farmington | Large Chevron Painting: Jennifer Moreman, One Kings Lane | Fuchsia Chair: Home Goods | Alpaca Throw: Ascher Market/ Spaces of Kennebunkport | Chinoiserie Melamine Tray on Bed: Kim Seybert | Quote Art (both): One Kings Lane | Miss Porter's Oil Painting by Dawn Lombardi of Farmington, CT |  Drapes: Target Threshold | Pom Pom Fringe on Drapes: Ichimylove on Etsy | Rhino Stool: Home Goods | Zebra Dish: C Wonder |  Turquoise Urchin Chandelier: Stimulight on Etsy |  Pink Tulip on Navy Tray: Furbish Studio | Navy Faux Wood Inlaid Tray: Home Goods | Green & White Stripe Jewelry Box: Home Goods

A tremendous thank you goes to Linda from Calling It Home for allowing over 70 additional design bloggers to participate in this challenge as linking participants.  I would encourage you to head over there to check out links to all of the linking participants that posted their final reveals.  The results are absolutely stunning. 
And thanks for revisiting my final reveal through "updated photographs"! 


Sara Lorton said...

You did such a gorgeous job on this room, the details make it so. And I love that you'll be tackling the bathroom, I can't wait to see what you do to it. Have a good weekend!! xo

Gypsy Heart said...

Stunning! I love your use of color and details. I had an accent wall in my bedroom painted navy before I moved in. I just love it! Just haven't found the "decor" for the room yet. Can't wait to see what you do in the bathroom!

Have a great weekend ~

laura Madalene said...

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Brett Albino said...

love this room - and it is even BETTER in person! you did a fantastic job on this room.

Dee D said...

I love absolutely everything about that room. It's fabulous and full of enegy... Great job.

Kahli said...

Love the stripes on the ceiling and that fabulous wall color. And who doesn't love homegoods?!

Dante Storey said...
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zubair ali said...
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